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"The key to longevity is in a long and unencumbered spine."
J. Pilates

Pilates developed his innovative system at the time of the Industrial Revolution, when movement and thought were more linear.

Today is a new era: one of instant communication and dynamic architectural forms. Movie stunts and contemporary dance companies reflect these changes, is exercise far behind? Now it isn't.

Today's unencumbered spine has new possibilities.

SPRINGWORK® exercises take the body, especially the spine, through every possible direction: twisting, extending and flexing in all degrees of movement.

"The way we stand, walk, and sit has a greater effect on our appearance and health than our conscious exercising."

This quote is from Bruce King's book, The Rule of the Bones.

Unless the exerciser integrates excellent body use principles into his everyday life, fitness is a superficial goal.

Form follows function. Excellent movement makes a beautiful body. See also: Alexander Technique



At the age of 5 I began to study ballet. Dance has been the defining force in my life ever since. I performed and taught dance for many years, then, one day I took an aerobics class at the Jane Fonda Workout --- a new direction had begun.

I could exercise like a dancer! I became Master Teacher at the Workout. This led to teaching jobs at many studios and clubs as a personal trainer.

Along the way, I studied architecture, and worked in that profession for a time, but I realized that my true calling was in moving bodies, not buildings.

My interest in form and function naturally led to the study of Pilates and Gyrotonic® (I am certified in both systems), which teach a far more refined and profound understanding of exercise potential. Especially from Gyrotonic®, I learned to move from within--from the spine. I often sense exercisers are oblivious to the potential of moving this way, and seem to merely cart the spine around, as if so much dead weight!

Springworks® teaches clearly and immediately that the spine is the prime mover, and that the best movement originates from within.

I've studied many disciplines, including Yoga and Tai Chi, but it was when i got a rebounder* (mini-trampoline) and learned about the work of Dr. Robert Martin, the inventor of inversion boots and author of "The Gravity Guiding System", that I really began to experiment with "springing".

*the best rebounder i know of is from www.qibounding.com